Poster Awards (2021)

Thank you to all students, faculty, and clinical colleagues who helped kick off this year’s conference! Congratulations to the following presenters for outstanding poster presentations in their respective categories. As the conference winds down next week, please remember to share your feedback with us.

(F) designates faculty sponsor/advisor

Undergraduate Nursing

Interventions to Prevent Perinatal Depression
Jennyrose Reyna, Leorit Barzi, Chaya Dickel, Ihssane Fenane, Alexey Golovko, Bartosz Pasternak
Tara Heagele, PhD, RN, EMT(F)
Hunter College

Determinants and Interventions That Promote Vaccine Acceptance: A Limited Literature Review
Weina Bei, Ashley Carlo, Kevin Doherty, Kaitlyn Rose Viray, Cheyenne McDougald, Abigail Izraiolva, Myrlande Pierre
Randelle Sasa, MA, RN-BC, CMSRN, CCRN(F)
Queensborough Community College

Graduate Nursing

Aromatherapy: Alternative Therapy to Manage Postoperative Nausea in the Orthopedic Patient
Anna Larkin et al.
Gerontological/Adult Nurse Practitioner (MS) Program, Hunter College; Hospital for Special Surgery

Nursing DNP: Pre-Capstone Project

Implementation of Weekly Aerobic and Resistance Exercise Training for Reductions in HbA1c Levels
Kehinde Kulugh
William Ellery Samuels, PhD(F)

Nursing DNP: Capstone Proposal

Reducing Suicidal Behavior Among Psychiatric Patients in the Community: Implementation NP-Led Safety Planning Bundle
Jazmin Caceres
Viktoriya Fridman, DNP, RN, ANP-BC(F)

Nursing DNP: Final Capstone Project

Improving Inpatient Glycemia in a Post-Operative Orthopedic Unit: A Nurse-Driven Early Clinical Decision-Making Guide
Jenny Dejesus
Viktoriya Fridman, DNP, RN, ANP-BC(F)

Graduate Center: Nursing PhD Program

Family Caregivers’ Lived Experience of Decision-Making With Chronically Ill Black Older Adults in NYC
Theresa L. Lundy, PhD, FNP, RN

What Are Patients’ Perspectives in Preventing Pressure Injury? An Integrative Review
Shawna Townsend, MS, RN, CNL, ONC

Doctorate of Physical Therapy

The Effect of a Cooling Vest on Fatigability and Walking Endurance in Persons With Multiple Sclerosis
Kaitlin Russo, Sean Riva, Sandon Stevens, Winnie Yu
Herb Karpatkin, PT, DHSc, NCS, MSCS(F)

A Comparison of the Immediate Effects of Manual and Self-Soft Tissue Mobilization on Capital Flexibility and Range of Motion
Danielle Zehnwirth, , Melissa McVicker, Etta Rubin, Malgorzata Hulacka-Tozin
Thomas Holland, PT, PhD(F)

Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

The Effect of Computerized Crossword Puzzle Training on Word Retrieval Abilities in Neurotypical Late Middle-Aged Adults
Ciaran Lynch
JungMoon Hyun, PhD(F)

The Impact of Face Masks on Speech Intelligibility in a School-Age Child
James Pellegrito
Don Vogel, AuD, CCC-A(F)

Processing Facial Emotions in Adolescents With Autism Spectrum Disorder
Mary Kate Keane
JungMoon Hyun, PhD(F)

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