Visitor’s Guide (2020)

Welcome, and thank you for joining us! We’ve prepared a brief guide to help visitors have a great experience navigating the conference and its platform.

Virtual Format

In light of social distancing measures in New York and beyond during the COVID-19 outbreak, the conference has gone virtual for the first time in its history. The conference opens to all visitors on Wednesday, April 29, 2020. Our keynote presentation is available as a video to view at your own pace, accompanied by a live Q&A session with our invited speaker at 5:00 PM on April 29. Conference posters each have a dedicated Comments area for questions and extended discussion through Friday, May 8, 2020.

Social Media Mentions/Tags

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Poster Presentations

This year, we are proud to feature the work of over 50 presenting students and colleagues from nursing, physical therapy, speech-language pathology and audiology, and other health professions. Poster presentations will remain open for an extended period of 10 days, April 29 – May 8, to facilitate discussion between presenters and visitors. On May 6, 2020, we will announce the winners of our poster awards.

Poster presentations have been arranged in a few different ways to help you find them:

  • View All (one large list on a single page)
  • Search by Author or Title
  • By Affiliation (School, Department/Program)
  • By Topic (Broadly tagged by topics that emerged as themes in several posters)

There are also links on each poster page to navigate between them sequentially (previous/next).

Viewing a Poster

Each poster page has a title, list of authors, and author affiliation(s) on the page, followed by an embedded poster (PDF) hosted on Google Docs. In most cases, the embedded poster should display directly in the page and have zoom controls near the bottom of the content window. Some users may need to disable ad-blocking or other security plugins in their browser to allow the embedded content to display correctly. If you experience an issue viewing a poster, try refreshing the page or use the link to download the PDF located under the embedded content window.

Our poster listings also have hyperlinked topics and other navigation links to help you find and view other presentations.

Poster Comments and Discussion (April 29 – May 8, 2020)

Each poster has a dedicated Comments area at the bottom of the page. Please participate by leaving questions and comments for the presenters during the extended discussion period of April 29 through May 8, 2020. Be sure to subscribe to your Comments to receive notifications when others reply to them. We hope that you’ll use the Comments as a way to interact with presenters for a more engaging experience. Visitors do not need to join the CUNY Academic Commons to post comments (although you are certainly welcome to—see their beginner’s guide).

Keynote Presentation

Storytelling for Community Engagement & Health Promotion
Christel Hyden, EdD

In her video presentation featuring her original art and graphic novels, Hunter alumna Dr. Christel Hyden details the creation and evolution of projects that use visual storytelling and multimedia for health promotion among at-risk communities, including recent materials addressing the COVID-19 crisis.

The keynote presentation video is embedded in the Keynote page. Some users may need to disable ad-blocking or other browser security settings/permissions to view this content. There is also a link to watch the video directly on YouTube for anyone experiencing difficulty.

Conference Evaluation

Please take a moment to share your feedback [link removed] about the conference, keynote, platform and tools used, and other aspects of your experience. Thank you!

Browser Settings

For the best experience, make sure your browser is up to date and that no ad blocking or other browser security plug-ins are enabled for the site (* domain). Some plug-ins may block embedded content, such as poster files and the keynote presentation video. If you experience an issue viewing embedded content, first try refreshing the page. If this doesn’t work, there will be an alternate method of viewing it (such as a direct link) located underneath where the embed window would [normally] appear.


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